Our NMI (Nazarene Mission International) is a very active program within our church and the Coordinator, Ted Johnson, is very proud of how our council keeps the program up to date at all times. We put together over 2,500 Crisis Care Kits this past June and along with many other Nazarene Churches at the Village of Oak Creek Nazarene Church under the leadership of Pastor Jim Cunningham. Not only was it successful, it was fun getting to know other Nazarene friends from many locations in Arizona.

Our Nazarene Mission International has been supplying the hundreds of Crisis Care Kits that have gone to the flood victims and other crisis events that been happening all over the world.  If you want to give towards this project, you can use the donate button on this website. Please indicate where your donation is to go.

Also, through our Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, we sponsor children all over the world. We have thousands of children waiting to be sponsored and it only takes $30 a month to care for one child. When you become a child sponsor, you will say to a child, “you matter, and God loves.” You will build a relationship through letters and regular updates. You will provide education, life skills, health care and spiritual nurturing. You will help a child gain opportunities for a brighter future. You will encourage a child to grow into the person God created him or her to be. Just call us at 928-646-6024 and leave your message and we will call you back to give you the information on how to sign up to become a sponsor.