We finished 2021 with successful giving to missions despite the Covid 19! We praise the Lord for this accomplishment!

We do have new projects for 2021-22, and perhaps those of you, who like to look and read our website, would like to join in on the giving! We have our PayPal button that can be used for this type of giving.

There is a Work & Witness  project trip planned on the campus of the Africa Nazarene University. We will be raising $13,000 as a district to help in this endeavor to update their existing classrooms to better meet the needs of students and to offer more online options.

Then on the East Africa field, there is the children’s project called “My Book”, which are discipleship books that will be distributed to many children across the field. Our District goal is to raise $5,000 across the district, so that we can buy roughly 1,400 books. Please pray about this giving and participate if possible.

We are joining with our missionaries, Roberto and Rhesa Rodriguez, with the Nazarene Border Initiative in El Paso, Texas, to be a part of the multicultural ministry along the USA/Mexico border. Also, we are co-sponsoring Rev. Chuck & Renee Parish in their border ministry right there in El Paso, Texas by giving monthly offerings by several of our church members.  Anyone that would like to join in on this giving, please give the church a call, 928-646-6024 and you can sign up for one month a year!

Our Nazarene Mission International has been supplying the hundreds of Crisis Care Kits that have gone to the flood victims and other crisis events that been happening. Our local church helps by purchasing the needed items and then putting them together in kits, so that we can send them to our headquarters for distribution. At least, we can help out by doing this! We purchase tooth brushes, combs, and many other needed items when you have lost all your own personal things. Anyone can help by giving a donation. You can use the donate button on this website. Please indicate where your donation is to go.

Also, through our Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, we sponsor children all over the world. We have a goal to sponsor 20,000 children by the end of 2020. We have thousands of children waiting to be sponsored and it only takes $30 a month to care for one child. When you become a child sponsor, you will say to a child, “you matter, and God loves.” You will build a relationship through letters and regular updates. You will provide education, life skills, health care and spiritual nurturing. You will help a child gain opportunities for a brighter future. You will encourage a child to grow into the person God created him or her to be. Just call us at 928-646-6024 and leave your message and we will call you back to give you the information on how to sign up to become a sponsor or use the donate button on this website.